Selling Your Jewelry with Providence Diamond

Rhode Island's Premier Jeweler is also Rhode Island's Premier Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Diamond buying Source.


Selling diamonds, gold, silver and platinum in Rhode Island.
jewelry appraisal, brokering and selling in Rhode Island.

What do you need to have? 
Often a family jewelry collection can grow over generations or maybe like many of us you have an affinity for gold jewelry. Do you have over 200 grams (approximately 6 ounces or more) or an overflowing jewelry box of gold jewelry just collecting dust? Let the Professional Jewelry Brokers at Providence Diamond make you a Fair and Professional offer! It may be worth more than you think! 

What you will receive? 
There are many people out there with large amounts of gold jewelry but have no incentive to sell it because they will just get an ordinary quote from a jewelry buyer. We go over each item piece by piece and identify what you have. Our gold buyers can exceed most offers by 30-50%. This is no gimmick, through a very close relationship with our Refiner, we are able to outbid the competition on large collections of Jewelry. 

Why Choose Providence Diamond? 

  • Professionalism at it's finest, all Jewelry is viewed in a Private Room.

  • State of the art equipment.

  • 37 Years of Experience, Always sell Jewelry at a Jewelry Store.

  • Family owned and there is always an Owner on the Premises.

  • Easy to get to Location, you are under no Pressure or Obligation.

  • Get educated as to what you have, it may be worth more than you think!

  • Trade in your unwanted jewelry then browse our selection of world famous designers for a fresh new look!

  • You Can Trust Us!

Selling A Diamond?

There are several reasons why you may be in the market to sell a diamond.  Maybe you inherited a diamond from a family member?   Or do you have a diamond left from a passed relationship?  Or maybe you have a large diamond sitting in a safety deposit box collecting dust that you could turn into money for college tuition or a family vacation?  

A lot of customers are often nervous or unsure how to go about selling a diamond.  We make it all very easy in a stress free environment.  This is what we do! We make selling a diamond a transparent professional experience while offering the highest prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Providence Diamond Co. quote prices over the phone? +

We do not for a number of reasons. Here's why...

The price of gold is constantly changing and can be very volatile.

All jewelry is different, certain pieces with diamonds can command more money than just the gold weight. A Diamonds quality can vary from one extreme to another. Certain pieces with high quality diamonds can double and triple the offer we make. You have to have many years of experience and training to be able to interpret these variations.

Estate and Vintage jewelry can be worth more due to it's rarity and year created.

The more you have the higher our offer will be!

Why do certain gold buying companies quote the price they pay and you don't? +

Anyone who quotes the price of gold over the phone is really misleading you. Once a price is quoted, that person is responsible for honoring it. How can you quote the price of something without even seeing it? Think about it, have you ever bought a car without taking a test drive? Or bought an expensive dress without trying it on?

What does 10k, 14k, and 18k and 24k gold mean when stamped on a piece of jewelry? +

10k gold has a 41.7 % gold content, 14k gold has 58.5% gold content, and 18k gold has a 75% gold content, 24k gold is typically also stamped .9999 fine gold which means 100% content.

How many grams in a troy ounce of gold, silver, or platinum? +

There are 31.103 grams in a troy ounce.

What is the most important factor in determining the price of a diamond? +

Color and clarity are both very important, but the Cut of the diamond determines 50% of it's price.

How much has gold gone up in the last year? +

Gold has increased as much as 50% in the past 12 months, fueling the interest and participation of people selling their old gold jewelry that is just collecting dust.

Why factors determine how much you get per piece of jewelry? +

Gold Buyers are only buying the raw material in the piece of jewelry. They do not put a price on the labor it took to create it. Most gold jewelry purchased before the year 2000 is worth more now than what you paid for it.