Julia & Jeffrey - Housewarming Proposal!


Julia and Jeffrey were celebrating at their housewarming party with friends and family when Jeffrey got down on one knee and proposed to Julia!

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How They Met:

Julia is a teacher, but during the summer she was a liquor promoter in bars and at special events. She was walking into one of my shifts and I was approached by Jeff, but brushed him off because she promised herself she wouldn’t talk to any of the guys she met through her job as a promoter. Jeff was persistent and instead of asking for her number he told her that he would meet her at Oceanside, a restaurant in Narragansett, at 7pm the following evening. Julia was attracted to Jeff’s confidence and decided to meet him. She so happy she did because she instantly knew it would be her last first date... ever! They instantly clicked. He took her to the lighthouse in Narragansett, her hometown, and blasted music in his car. He got out, opened her door, and asked her to dance. Everyone around them was smiling. Like a fairytale he swept Julia off her feet.

How He Asked:

After dating for a few years and living in apartments, Julia and Jeff decided that they were ready to purchase a home together. They both agreed to get a home and focus on getting married after settling in. They were so excited about their house and hosted a big housewarming party with family and friends! Once everyone was there, Jeff asked everyone to gather together and started thanking the guests for coming and for supporting Julia and Jeff throughout this journey. Jeff began getting emotional about how much he loved Julia and how grateful he was for not only their new home but also their loving relationship. It still didn’t click until he got down on one knee. Julia remembers hearing my family and friends screaming and crying with happiness. She bolted into his arms and forgot to say yes! He had to ask her again... and of course she did! Their best friends knew all along and had t-shirts made with their wedding hashtag. Julia’s mom quickly took down all of the “housewarming” decorations and instantly decorated with “engaged” banners.


The RING: 

“Jeff’s great, great grandmother passed down her wedding ring to him. His great, great grandmother (who is still alive - 98 years old!) told us that she traveled with her husband for over a year around the world. She was one of the first American women to go on the Great Wall of China during this trip. All while wearing the same diamond that is the center of my engagement ring. It is set in a circular halo ring. I am so in love with the history and love behind my ring!”

Thank you Julia & Jeffrey for sharing your beautiful story with us!