Color Me Happy

We are living life in color at Providence Diamond! Gemstones of any and every color are hot right now in jewelry because color has the ability to transform a simple piece into something show stopping. While these beauties can be worn all by themselves, they can also be stacked and layered to create an even more spectacular look. We love switching up a simple outfit and giving it a new life with colorful gemstones. Bold, bright colors are eye catching, dramatic, and we are all about it.

Here are some of our favorites:

Emerald Jewelry


Gorgeous Greens

Although greens will always be in style, it has taken the fashion and jewelry industries by storm in 2018. Shades like emerald, fern, and avocado green can be found in brooches, chain pendants, and earrings. Malachite, a dark green opaque mineral, with deep spiritual meanings is especially popular this year.

Sapphire Stack

Beautiful Blues

Nebulas Blue is also one of Pantone’s hot 2018 colors. Turquoise, which has been worn for thousands of years as a talisman, is thought to bring good luck to whomever wears it. It also pairs well with other blue gemstones, like blue topaz, which has increased in popularity. London topaz is taking the jewelry industry by storm because of its unique color. This type of topaz has a dark and intensely saturated navy color, just like London’s foggy skies.

Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 2.58.40 PM.png

Perfect Purples

Ultraviolet was named the Pantone’s 2018 color of the year, which created buzz for the color purple in jewelry . Pantone describes purple as futuristic and claims that wearers of the color will be thought of by their peers as trendsetters. Keep an eye out for shades of purple like rose de France, faint amethyst, and lightly saturated sapphires.

Which color will you be wearing?